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Building Personal Brands

that Drive Revenue

People buy from people,

not brands.

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Building Personal Brands

that Drive Revenue

Because people buy from

people, not brands.

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Revamp Your Brand with Jessie

Meet Jessie Lizak, Founder and CEO of Reveting, a B2B marketing agency and Host of Reveting's WinsDay (formerly Whiskey WinsDay).

Level up your game with Jessie. Whether you are looking for consulting, motivational coaching or marketing services, she's got you covered.

With executive experience building audiences across various industries, Jessie will revamp your brand and turn your LinkedIn into a portfolio of professional successes.

As the host of WinsDay, Jessie brings marketing professionals, founders, and executives together for a weekly live broadcast on various platforms.

Be sure to keep up with Jessie, Reveting and WinsDay across social channels.

WinsDay Fan Favorites

Heather Monahan

Melanie Borden and Jackie Hermes

Kayla Hodges and Charlotte Lloyd

Ross Simmonds

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WinsDay Reviews

Being a sponsor on your show a few months back helped our growth!

Grayson Hogard, Grove Cookie Company

Before coming to WinsDay, I didn't have any sense of community on LinkedIn. Once I started to attend Jessie's weekly show, I began meeting people, learning new stuff, and making genuine connections. So much of my personal growth has come from WinsDay, it's the one place I know I'll be each week.

Alexa Pedowitz, Account Executive

WinsDay is great! Thanks to WinsDay, we got our first 100 users. Thanks to them, we got acquired.

DJ Kim, DataGhost

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