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Livestream and Podcast Production

Make your Livestream and Podcast a true reflection of your business’ personality with our highly specialized services for LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch. Let our team handle help you book your guests, promote the events, produce, and handle the production editing while you focus on developing the content you want to share with the world.

Fractional CMO and Consulting Services

Activate scalable growth with Jessie's Fractional CMO services. Expertise in strategy, team mentorship, and sales growth—without the full-time executive price tag. Transform your marketing now. As a Top Brand Strategy Voice on LinkedIn, let Jessie guide your personal and corporate brand strategy.

General Marketing Service Menu

Empower your brand with our tailored services, designed meticulously for you. All services are aimed to escalate your presence.

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Personal Brand Video Creation

Filming a video itself is a lot of work! And once the video is filmed, you have to spend even more time editing it.

Our team is skilled in creating videos that catch people’s attention and then keep their attention til the end through strategic editing practices. Let us edit your videos so you can get back to supporting your clients or creating more great content.

LinkedIn Management (Personal or Corporate)

Enhance your personal or corporate brand through done-for-you creative content, and strategic posting.

After working with me, you’ll see increased visibility and growth - resulting in more connections, leads, and business opportunities.

As a Top Brand Strategy Voice on LinkedIn, I'm ready to help more brands build awareness through strategic and modern approaches that resonate with buyers.

Client's Results:

Literally the first day Jessie started managing my LinkedIn I got a new lead and referral partner! She's so good at understanding the kind of people that I can connect with to build genuine relationships. It's not a "quantity over quality" approach... she puts a lot of thought into the right strategy for your brand. She knows the nuances of LinkedIn and the etiquette necessary to respectfully engage with LinkedIn users. I'm so grateful for Jessie's help growing my brand.

Brittney Honkomp, Brittney's Website Services

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