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Why Choose Reveting's Fractional CMO Services?

Activate unprecedented growth and elevate your brand with Jessie's proficient Fractional CMO services. Avail top-notch strategy, mentorship, and sales growth expertise without bearing the full-time executive costs.

Elevate your brand’s presence and scale your business growth with Jessie, a top brand strategy voice on LinkedIn. Whether it’s corporate or personal brand strategy, Jessie's Fractional CMO and consulting services are designed to guide your marketing endeavors to unprecedented heights.

Learn as you go. Let Jessie teach you so you don't have to hire an agency. OR let her agency do it for you.

Let Jessie be your Fractional CMO.

Eye-Opening Stats on Why You Want a Fractional CMO

  • Cost-Efficiency:

    • Hiring a Fractional CMO can save up to 60% in costs compared to a full-time executive. This allows businesses, especially SMEs, to access high-level strategic insight and leadership without the significant financial burden, thereby optimizing the allocation of resources and enhancing ROI.

  • Expertise Access:

    • Fractional CMOs bring an average of 15+ years of diverse industry experience, providing companies with unparalleled access to proven marketing strategies, advanced skills, and extensive knowledge. This enables businesses to leverage expert advice and insights, fostering innovation and strategic advancement.

  • Flexible Engagement:

    • With 79% of businesses valuing flexibility, a Fractional CMO offers adaptable engagement models, allowing companies to scale marketing efforts up or down based on needs and budget constraints. This flexibility ensures that businesses can attain the right level of support at the right time, maximizing impact and value.

  • Rapid Business Growth:

    • Companies leveraging Fractional CMOs have reported an average of 25% faster growth compared to their counterparts. The strategic direction and experienced leadership of a Fractional CMO can swiftly identify and capitalize on market opportunities, driving accelerated business expansion and revenue increase.

  • Enhanced Team Performance & Morale:

    • A study found that companies utilizing Fractional CMOs experienced a 35% increase in marketing team productivity and morale. The knowledge transfer and mentorship from Fractional CMOs empower in-house teams with improved skills, clearer direction, and heightened motivation, which translates to elevated organizational performance and output.

Pinnacle Brand Amplifier

$15,000 for 6 months

  • Comprehensive Brand Strategy Consultation

  • Expert Content Marketing Strategy

  • In-Depth SEO Audit & Strategy

  • High-Impact Social Media Management & Strategy

  • Sales Funnel Optimization for Enhanced Conversions

  • Regular Performance Analytics & Detailed Reporting

  • Impactful Email Marketing Strategy

Ascend Marketing Maestro

$40,000 for 6 months

  • Everything in Pinnacle Brand Amplifier, plus:

  • Advanced Team Mentorship and Training

  • LinkedIn Branding & Strategy to Leverage Platform Potential

  • Online Event Planning & Coordination

  • User-Friendly, Responsive Website Development & Optimization

  • Email Marketing Execution

Zenith Growth Catalyst

$60,000 for 6 months

  • All services in Ascend Marketing Maestro, plus:

  • Paid Advertising Strategy & Management with ROI-Focused Campaigns

  • One hour one-on-One Strategy Sessions

  • Podcast placement-let Jessie help you get on more podcasts

  • Access to Jessie's community and network

  • High-Priority Execution and Implementation of Strategies

Custom Plan

This plan is best for large businesses

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